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What is it?

Sinai Sessions are a set of live session videos filmed with Christian artists who have featured on The Good Christian Music Blog. We film two songs with the artist, one of their songs and then a cover of either a worship song or another artist featured on our channel. All the audio you hear is live, there may be tracks involved (created in preparation for the session) but the artists certainly aren't miming to a studio recording and they also haven't dubbed any instruments or vocals later on!

Why Do It?

We feel passionate about people worshipping and glorifying God with their gifts in whatever style of music that looks like. As much as we love the fast-becoming-clichéd worship leader playing to a room of pretty people in an often dimly light room 'live' videos, we believe that there is a vast amount of diverse, creative, different music out there, and that people are wanting to hear and see it too. We also want to help build a stronger community for artists, where they feel supported by not just their fans and listeners but by other musicians too - and it's always encouraging for artists to see other people covering and adding their music and adding a unique twist to it. Also, we want to show people that worship can be done differently! The music industry is in a huge state of flux currently not just in terms of distribution but in how people are making music, there's never been an easier time to record music in your bedroom, or make songs on just your laptop, and we believe that there is a place for music like that within the local and global church.


How Can You Help?

Taking on the task of filming this on-going series is a huge challenge and risk for us. Filming videos of high quality, travelling to meet the artists, sourcing equipment, venues etc. is all costly and it's a big ask for the artists also. This is why we are going to need your help, and we want you to be part of this new global worship movement and so we'd love if you can support us in this through the brilliant platform Patreon!