CASS - Silhouettes [Acoustic] (GCM Sinai Sessions)

Last month, we had the pleasure of hanging out with CASS whilst she was playing in the UK, and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to get her on Sinai Sessions! Filmed in London at the beautiful CCW4:St. Albans, CASS treated us to this beautiful stripped back rendition of her latest single 'Silhouettes', along with her own reworking of Hillsong Young & Free's 'Where You Are', debuting on the channel next month. As always CASS doesn't disappoint, with her powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

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Song will be available on iTunes, Spotify etc. soon

You fill the skies with all Your wonder
You saw the light was good
The colours flash as light wins over
The darkness can’t intrude

If Your love was light
It will never end its shine
Like a diamond in the rough it glows
So much beauty in sight
You can see it through the night
Like a precious stone You know it shows

Your love shines in the darkness
I am caught up in Your light like a silhouette
Your light always finds me
I got nowhere else to hide
Like a silhouettes

Its about that time now
As you know I ain’t never been right here before
Cause I’m just bout to find out
As you know I ain’t never stepped foot through these doors
You know the way to go cause You are in control
So I surrender all

Filmed and recorded live at CCW4:St Alban's: