A guide to sending us music

we get sent a lot of music, all the time, so please take time to read the following before sending us your music.

The better you understand us and how we work the more likely we are to take our time to listen to you properly.

Understanding Us

who is our audience?

Our followers are big music fans often looking for something alternative to what is typically thought of as 'Christian music' - it's how most people find us. Most of our audience are aged 18-30, so we are more of a young adult platform than a youth platform, and our gender split is almost 50/50.

What kind of music do we feature and Do we do paid-promotions?

It's worth knowing that we do not feature everything sent to us, what makes us different to most Christian music platforms is that we only feature music we love! We take our time to curate music and have become known as a tastemaker - our audience trusts our music taste and that's why they follow us. We also don't do any paid promotions or favour musicians who financially support us - we are firmly against this - as we believe it favours those with money and shuns those without, this is why we rely on support through donations and Patreon despite being a company. We are often asked "what do I have to do to get featured on your channel" and the answer is simply 'make great music that we love'.

If you spend some time on our Spotify playlists or browse our YouTube channel you will see there are genres we perhaps favour over others, despite being a multi-genre platform. There are always exceptions to this but do have a listen to other music we promote and ask yourself if our platform is genuinely the best place to promote your music, does it 'fit' with other music on the channel, is it to the same quality or would it seem misplaced within our playlists. For example, it is very rare that we feature congregational songs or music from live worship albums and perhaps our platform just isn't the right place for your music - and that's ok!

Is there a difference between our spotify playlists and our youtube channel?

Yes and no. We only take submissions for our YouTube channel, so to all you PR people hoping to bag that Spotify playlist spot for your clients, please take the time to understand how we work! Our largest audience is on YouTube and is continuously growing at a wild rate, and so for your sake we want to feature your music on there, not just on Spotify! Anything that gets featured on our YouTube channel will be added to our Spotify playlists (if it is on Spotify) so you don't need to ask for the feature. 

How does youtube monetisation work?

As a music artist, when you use a music distribution platform like CDbaby, TuneCore, Distrokid etc. as either a default or an extra paid option, your distributor will register you music with YouTube's content ID system. What this means is that when anyone uploads a video containing your music YouTube will flag the content and put adverts on the video to earn you money, and eventually that money comes back to you via your distributor. With any distributor you are able to 'whitelist' specific videos or specific YouTube channels, which means that YouTube will remove the content ID flag on that video or channel. As a YouTube channel, if a video of ours has no content ID flag on it we are able to monetise the video through YouTube, which means that adverts are placed on the video and the revenue goes to the channel who have uploaded the video (in this case that's us). Although we can't choose the exact ads that are placed we can blacklist certain types of videos such as gambling or alcohol companies, after that the adverts that appear are based on the specific viewer's internet behaviours and habits, making the advert more likely to appeal to them. To monetise a video on our channel we need the permission from the copyright holder (which is either the record label or the music artist), their permission means that they waiver their right to earn money through YouTube's content ID and instead allow us to monetise the content. If you give us permission, it only covers the song you have sent us and is only for our channel - your content ID will still remain in place for everything else, and any other YouTube channel. Also, we completely respect your rights as an artist and will never favour submissions that give us permission to monetise content - we believe that is wildly unfair and is comparable to bribery. The reason we ask to monetise content though is because it takes time, resources and money to run this platform and monetising content on our channel really helps us continue doing what we do. But we do our best to make it clear that we a platform who care about looking after artists' and pushing their art, hence why we always encourage our followers to support artists by legally downloading and streaming their music and provide the links to do so.


Understanding our submission form

What to do / what not to do

Please only send one submission, if you want to send us multiple songs, group them together into one submission, try to refrain from sending us whole albums but if you do then highlight the songs you feel best fit our channel.

We love it when people are real, honest and human! Press releases are boring, and often full of pointless information, and vague hype and that's just not us! Things we love to know though is how long have you been making music, why do you make music, what are doing that's different to other people? Do you work with a big record label or was this recorded in your bedroom? As a general rule, what you find interesting about the song, we'll probably find interesting  too.

We love exclusive content and great ideas that work with our platform. We are always looking to expand our platform and provide our audience with the very best content out there. We'd love to debut your music on our channel if we will genuinely be the first online platform to share it. We also love to feature music videos, but only if we are the only channel on YouTube to feature the content. We are always open to looking at exciting ways to promote you on our YouTube channel but it works best when it is tailored to our channel and again will provide us with exclusive content. We don't want to push the same content as every other Christian YouTube channel.

Please don't assume we owe you promotion just because you filled out our submission form, we choose what we feature based on what we like and what we feel our audience deserve to hear.

Please don't ask for album reviews or interviews, we rarely do these and when we do we, choose what to review, by all means let us know you're are available for both but let your music speak first.

Please send us music as early as possible if you are sending us yet to be released music, it can take us up to week to read through submissions and the more time we have the more we can plan and fit your content into our schedule!


Yes! If you follow our channel you shouldn't even need to ask that question, in fact in the last 6 months 64% of the music we have featured is from unsigned artists. Of that 64%, a third of those artists recorded their music in their bedroom; it doesn't get any more indie than that!

Do we reply to submissions?

We are overwhelmed with submissions, and we do our best to ensure everything gets listened to, but this means that you will only receive a response from us if we plan to feature your music on our YouTube channel. If you don't hear from us it means that we've heard your music but don't currently feel like it fits with our channel, though sometimes we will still include music on our Spotify playlists. Please do not repeat submissions, or contact us across all our social media platforms in an attempt to increase your chances of being featured - we make it abundantly clear that we do not enjoy spam and it only shows us that you haven't taken time to understand our platform and our communication limitations. We understand that it can be upsetting not hearing anything back and not being featured but we simply do not have the time to respond to everyone - but don't stop sending us future music. Just because we don't feature your first single, doesn't mean we might not feature your next!