WYLD - Be Alright (Feat. Sajan Nauriyal)

We're excited for our record label, The Amen Collective's first EP release - WYLD - Found You EP. This brilliant project contains the singles Found You (Feat. CASS), To Be Near You (Feat. Elisabeth Harder & HXLY KXSS) and two other previously unreleased songs, including this chill track featuring vocals from Sajan Nauriyal.

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It'll be alright
It's alright, yeah

Questions deep inside my heart
But nothing’s keeping us apart, no
Even though I’m seeing through these scars
In weakness I’m believing that I’m seeing who You are, yeah
Even in the valley You are always for me
As I wait You lift me up till I am soaring
Seeing how You work with purpose for the story

Looking back up to where You are
Not forsaken
No You’re never far
I gotta trust in Your plan
It’s about You not about who I am
I gotta trust that I’ll stand
Trust that I’ll stand cause You’re there
Put all my life in Your hands cause I’m trusting Your love over earthly demands
Wanting to enter the land that You died to give
If I’m gonna fight I’m gonna fight for this
Never going back I come alive in Him
Never going back because my life is His my life is His yeah
My life is His
My life is His