Vicious Vic - On My Knees

Woken up at 5am every morning by his mother urging him to start the day in prayer, Vic retells through this track how he's learnt that despite challenges and hardships, true champions win their battles on their knees - "Pray without ceasing".

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Trouble, trouble, trouble everywhere I look
I don't really know what else to do
They don't understand what I'm going through
No worries, I know that You got me

I'm on my knees, (yeah yeah) 
Said I'm on my knees, (yeah yeah)
I know that You got me
I know that You've got me, (yeah yeah) x2

Verse 1:
First off the pain, I feel the shame
Curse on my name, You felt the same
My Lamb was slain, dumped in the grave
He rose up for me, I can't complain...
But we all fall short of Your glory
Thinking 'bout pleasure
That silver and gold yea
Nah, I don't even need it like that
All I need is my G O D fall back
I been winning every battle on my knees oh yea
I count it all loss for my Dad... Swag


Verse 2:
I can hear the sound of the angels
You know I'mma worship in the rain coz
This life ain't nothing, to You I'm running
Too fast, too fast, You know best
Got to stay strong in this test
Seek You first, You will do the rest
Never let You down I will do my best
But I do get tired, I lift up my eyes to You
So no worries, coz You got me

Said I'm on my knees
You got me,  I know that You got me