Shopé - To Love (Feat. Sean C. Johnson)

Taken from Shopé's latest project, XXY, a commentary on living out Godly marriage/relationships, this song talks about choosing to love and show grace in the middle of tensions and arguments. "Sometimes we get stuck in a rut where all we seem to do is fight. We’ve been fighting for so long, we don’t even know what the issue is anymore. Where others would call it quits, you can CHOOSE to love. After all, love is not merely an emotion, it’s a decision." - Shopé.

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Verse 1:
I remember, you remember, we was love without a budget
Cupid quick to shoot the bullet
Skip the arrow, this was urgent
We was on our way
All these days
Seem to fly by
We was all the praise
But I hate feeling nostalgia
Like its dead and gone in the hours
Since the honeymoon
It's come to bloom
We left the Sun/Son, became the moon
What's love, if this ain't hate
So what's real, if this ain't fake
My homie told me, he and his girl split the same way
I pray to God, this can't be our same fate
I know, you know
We both can't take this too long
But who's wrong, and who's strong's a weakness we been too on
If we don't work it out
We both dying in this shootout
If it's love, then show me that it's love
And if we stray, it don't matter, nothing great comes in a day

Can’t stay mad for long
I choose to love you
I don’t care who’s right or wrong
I choose to love you
Choose to love
Choose to love
Swallow my pride
Choose to love
I chose to love
I chose to love you

Verse 2
So why we yelling, why we fussin, why the neighbours know our business
Ain't we s'posed to be in love and model out the perfect witness
You done witnessed all my good & bad
Now what this gotta do with that?
It's do or die, or suicide, we said that on the realest side
We ain't come away and we ain't goin' now
So we don't run away when the rain comes down
Son/Sun is on the way, just beyond those clouds
I know you
And you know me
So we acting like we victims of our own emotions
Like we ain't got the Spirit in the mix of our devotion
You quick to get involved
I'm quick to cut you off
We quick to speak and slow to listen
That's a vision flawed
This thing God put together
He meant to last forever
No one asunder, rain or thunder even when we under
So baby ride this wave with me
Come on stay with me
This thing we started still got beauty, though it ain't pretty