Sajan Nauriyal - Yours

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Verse 1:
Now that I am Yours
Now I know that I am Yours
You are taking me to places
I have never seen before
Now I’m never looking back
Cause I know that I am sure
You will always be enough
So I’m never going under

Verse 2:
You are everything that I know
Everywhere that I go
I’ll trust in what You did for me
I know Your work is final
Your love will hold me up
Being close to You is vital
Over and above
You will always be enough

Cause You are my miracle
You open my eyes
Every day brings new life
When I’m by Your side
When I’m by Your side

Verse 3:
Now honestly I see
All Your promises for me
Used to think I had to earn them
Then You brought them in for free
Now, Darkness is defeated
By the freedom
That You’ve given freely
So I freely receive
All the seeds that You’re sealing inside
All in Your time
Giving You all of my life