Sajan Nauriyal - Always Enough

This smooth, feel good song comes from Sajan Nauriyal, a young artist from Seattle signed to the newly established label VMG Records and is the title track of his debut album. Combining worship and testimonial style lyrics with a range of popular genres, Nauriyal's album is diverse, exciting and full of truth.

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Sometimes I feel like I done lost it
And I don’t even really know the cost yet
But every time fear is on my mind
You remind my soul that I’m free
I know I can’t go on my own
You came so I wouldn’t have to go it alone
You took the long road
so You could show me a home
Found love better than I’ve ever known
So now I know that I can say that

You are exalted above everything on the Earth that I’ve seen cuz I know that my dreams come alive in the love that You promised to me
I’ll keep singing Your praise and I know I believe

Even when I’m down in the darkness
You call my name out loud
Used to think I had to do it on my own but
I’m never alone now

You were always in it for the long ride
Even when it felt like it’s a long drive
Even when it felt like it’s a long time
Lord I know that You are always on time
That’s just what You do
That’s just how you be
That’s just how you lead
That’s just how I’m free
That’s just how I see
You got everything
That’s just what I need
Every single day
You keep me breathing, My heart keeps believing that (to Chorus)

All this time I thought that what I really wanted was some money or something to fill my bank account
But now I know that all I really wanted was to be Yours cause You’re the One Who turned my life around
You’re the One Who turned my life around
You’re the One Who turned my life around