Rockstar JT - Hey God (Feat. Montell Fish & Big Yae)

We've teamed up with young Christian rapper, Rockstar JT, to premiere this new track from his forthcoming project 'Streets Signed Me' releasing this Friday. Produced by Montell Fish, this chilled track tells the story of all three artists calling out to God in surrender.

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Montell Fish:
Hey God I know You hear my voice
I did a lot of sins even though I had a choice
Hey God, I’m happy You forgave
Just knowing like You know
I’m so happy You remained

Hey God, your presence feeling dope
Your love is like a sea, we don’t even need a boat so
Hey God, I’m drowning in the cloaks
And the new life, was a dead fish so no more beer I just float

And I’m back to this
Devil out here tryna catch a fish
Drowning in His love so it’s no access
Bout’ to read my word right after this
So you can exit this
More like Exodus
Can you catch my drift?
In the waves
No new games coz I’m saved
I resume game and presume flame
Cause’ the truth says that He rose up on the third day
Get the word play Like Wordsplayed
And I’m back to the same flow
Don’t act like you ain’t know
They loving the bass though
You solving?
The case closed

Chorus: Hey God, I know you love me so
Your presence in the air and we gonna let it go (x4)

Big Yae: 
Hey, God You know just how I feel
Sometimes I get to questioning and asking if You’re real
As if the fact that I’m sitting here writing this
Isn’t enough but my brain keeps fighting this
But then my soul asks are you even fighting sin? (are you even fighting sin)
God I just really wanna know You’re there
I’m tired of feeling like I'm by myself
I’m trying to live right but I am left
Believing that You aren’t even there to hel
But You are, You are the Almighty God
And I’m and always will be You’re son
So I gotta keep being focused and stay in the notice that You’re promise won’t be undone

Rockstar Jt:
Aye, God I’ve been drifting from You daily
But I’m runnin’ back cause I want You bad
Know Your mercy is amazing
It’s crazy that You would come & You could save me
You runnin’ on my mind am I out of time
I walked away because I’m lazy
Rockin’ these stages & killing these flows
Taking these pictures at all of these shows
The feeling inside God I don’t even know
I’m tired of runnin’ I want You some more
I know You love me so give me a brand new soul
Won’t keep this on the low want the whole world to know

Chorus: Hey God, i know You love me so
Your presence in the air and we gonna let it go.