Newday - Clear

UK youth festival, Newday, are back with some new music and we just love this experimental rock/electronic worship song written by Jotham Oakley and Jack Wintermeyer!

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Where are You when darkness comes in? 
Where are You when I feel nothing? 
You're by my side
Where are You when heartbreak kills me
Taking everything 'til I'm empty? 
You give me life

Some truths are hard to swallow
Sometimes You're hard to follow
But even in these times of trouble
You're in control

Lord You are my God
Living in Your presence life's made clear
Everything I need is found right here
Lead me where You want me
With everything I do
Let me be Your willing volunteer
Follow You to every new frontier
You provide my purpose

When do You fulfil Your promises? 
I'm struggling to wait with confidence
Your timing's right
Pushing me to full capacity
Checking if You're still priority
You want my heart

Joy is found when my hope's in You
I'm satisfied when its just me and You

Written by Jotham Oakley and Jack Wintermeyer
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