Montell Fish - Love Unite

Young, rising talent Montell Fish is back and putting in work for his forthcoming project 'Bedroom Gospel'. Featuring 'Love Unite' the project teams gospel and neo soul vibes with HipHop beats and R&B feels all for the glory of God. We're pleased to be featuring the whole project on the channel when it drops in the first week of April, so stay tuned and leave your comments below!

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What if we all had love?
What if we never had to fight?
And we could just be one?
And let love unite.

Cause Jesus paid the price
And so I serve Him with my life
Because our sin was surely death.
But His love had covered, yea

Let love unite (x4(

Many wars is going on
Bombs, bombs, and bombs,
I'm like what is going on?
But I know the sun is gonna shine.