Montell Fish - Bedroom Gospel

Montell Fish's 'Bedroom Gospel' is finally here! We're hosting the whole EP on our channel so hit play above to listen through the whole record. This album sees Montell Fish draw strongly on gospel music influences and combining them with his honest vocals and rough hiphop beats. Covering personal testimonies and stories through to freestyled sung prayers all pointing and drawing the listener closer to God this EP stands out as a diverse but coherent work of art and worship. Whilst also calling on a number of collaborations, Montell Fish leads his listeners on a journey complete with interludes that truly and honestly depicts the walk of living a life with Jesus; one in which we are all flawed humans with issues and problems, far from perfect, but that our identity is firmly fixed in Christ and how much more we crave and need to live out of knowing that identity.

1: Father Show Me Who I Am
2. Love Unite
3. Green Leaves (Feat. K¥NG)
4. Wonderful God (Feat. Jonathan Ogden)
5. Beautiful (Feat. Cortes)
6. The Everlasting Father Of Lights
7. Momma's Interlude
8. 11:47pm

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For Lyrics please see the video description of each song on YouTube.