MDSN - Kerosene

We're excited to share the debut single from Integrity's latest artist MDSN (Madison), a young songwriter based out of Dallas, Texas. Having grown up singing in her church, serving alongside her worship leader parents for the 10,000 member Covenant church, MDSN now brings her passion for young, energetic worship to the wider world with the brilliant 'Kerosene'.

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I can’t help it
Tryin’ to hide this
Is just impossible
I won’t deny it
I’m fallin’ so fast with
You, it’s unstoppable

Love so exquisite
How could I hide it
Takin’ me over
Drawin’ me closer
Drawn to Your fire

You are every hope and dream
The spark in me
You light me up like kerosene
There’s no way that I could hide
A love so bright
You light me up like kerosene

I won’t fight it
Don’t wanna break this
Fever inside of me
I feel it rising
Feelin’ ignited
Willingly overcome

I couldn’t hide this flame inside even if I wanted to