Josh Gauton - The Squalor and the Saviour

Indie singer/songwriter Josh Gauton released this original Christmas song earlier this week. Moody yet comforting, this single is a brilliant addition to our Christmas playlist!

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In the still and calm, 
Through the hallowed night
Underneath a winter sky
Came the promised King
Not in palace courts
But a filthy stable floor

Holy night when worlds collided
Love eternal chose a form
Flesh and blood with heaven united
In a humble manger born
Oh the wonder of that moment
Human birth met the Divine
The squalor and the Saviour
The baby that was God

As he opened his eyes for the first time
All of nature held its breath
For this tiny child wrapped in swaddling cloth
Was the hope for all mankind

Glory to the One above
Peace on earth and heaven’s love
So join the angels’ thunderous song
In proclaiming Christ has come