isaacxhopes - sunder (The Good Fight)

As described by isaacxhopes - "Sunder is based on Ephesians 6:12 where Paul tells us we are wrestling against spiritual wickedness in high places, that the battle is spiritual. It’s this notion that every one is born on to front line of the greatest battle of all time. The track outlines the fall of angels, then the fall of man, and how God has chosen man as His dwelling place, the purpose for which we were originally created. But man fell too, so God has extended his grace freely. And He calls us to accept him and fight for His kingdom. The devil is working overtime claiming the souls of many and this song puts forward the question - who will you fight for? Who will you serve? Will you go out in love and show people the glory of Christ?"

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There was a war in the heavens,
Angels were falling from grace,
God made the earth for the man,
Look how we turned from his face,
But he chased,
With his grace,
Now there is a war in the heavens,
Demons they tug on my soul from the darkness I know,
Gods calling you to dwell with him,
And they're trying to make sure you don't,
Now you know,
Choose your own...

I see wicked spirits in heavenly places x8
(Gave my life to Christ)

I see wicked spirits in heavenly places x5

Lord Jesus,
Please come into my life,
Be the Lord of my life,
From today I will serve you,
And I will live for you.
Please forgive me.
I am a sinner,
Please wash me of all my sins.
Thank you father,
For accepting me,
And for receiving me.
In Jesus name