In The Quiet Vol... 2 A Chilled Peaceful Worship Mix

After the success of our first In The Quiet Mix, (an hour of chilled, peaceful, relaxing, soaking, reflective music all from Christian artists) we knew we had to follow up with a second edition. This time, we've spent weeks searching through both old and new songs to find the best possible records that capture the mood the peaceful, chilled mood. Again it features a mixture of genres, but throughout seamlessly moves from one song to the next. We hope that this mix helps you to connect with God and impacts your spiritual life for the better. Please leave your comments below and tell us how you spent your time listening! Also, we have a playlist on Spotify inspired by this mix, though not all songs are available on the platform (link is below), and Spotify doesn't allow for the seamless transitions, so the continuous mix effect is lost!

00:00 - David Baloche - Those Who Hope
03:25 - Holly Ann - First Love
08:24 - Laity - Still The Fear In Me (Reprise)
09:59 - Joel Case - Friend Of Friends
14:11 - One Hope Project - Abba Father
16:05 - Emilie Weiss - Father
21:09 - Carinthia - Before The Throne Of God Above (Instrumental Edit)
22:44 - Look Above Earth - So Will I (100 Billion X) [Hillsong United Cover]
29:18 - Rafe Stanage - Wrongs/Rights
32:47 - John Lucas - Thy Kingdom Come
36:01 - John Lucas - Thy Will Be Done (Refrain)
36:53 - Montell Fish - You Give Life To Me (Feat. Jonathan Ogden)
40:38 - Kings Kaleidoscope - Safe Retreat (Feat. Braille)
45:37 - Taylor Armstrong - First Love
48:37 - Beautiful Eulogy - Acquired In Heaven (Instrumental)
51:39 - HXLY KXSS - As I Wait For You
53:37 - Isla Vista Worship - Dancing On The Moon (HXLY KXSS Remix)

Spotify Playlist: