IMRSQD - Roots

IMRSQD returns to his roots, reaffirming that his music exists for the sole purpose of God's glory alone.

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Every little itty bitty bit of skill
God could take it right back if He willed
I've been dreaming bout this since I was lil'
We all wanna make it big to be real
Wanna rock stages with famous
Crucible to flow till it's flaming
Spread the word versus spread the entertainment
Spread the the word that could bring you liberation
Lord who am I? Who am I?
So underserving
Desperate for service
Desperate for purpose
I've been told, dangerous with flow
Dangerous to know that every gift
That God has given you'd exploit
Untill you explode
I just use the gift to elevate the One that rose
Keep me walking in Your will until day
You call me home

Hold me down
Every single crown
Lord I lay it right down
Every bit of praise
I just throw it back
Back now
Hold me down

Sucess is momentary God is eternal
The walk I walk is to avoid the inferno
The master of my soul is coming back oh yes I'm certain
I pray that every song that I produce is for Your service
I pray every song I'm putting out is for Your worship
I pray that You would pour spirit out on all these verses
God is my committment
Preaching Your forgiveness
Slay the graven image
Who cares if you're if the illest?
Who cares about your vision
If the Father isn't in it?
I know that I was wicked
His purpose wasn't in it
I wanted them to feel it
I really lost control
They really wouldn't know, oh
This burden on my soul

Every song is an ode to the King
What's the point if it's not about Him?
Every song giving praise as we sing
Don't need vowels because it's not about you
Don't need crowds because it's all about fruit
I believe because it's not about proof
God is vine I'm coming back to my roots

Hold me down
Every single crown
Lord I lay it right down
Every bit of praise
I just throw it back
back now
Hold me down