Heritage Hill - Come All You Heavy Laden

"Our prayer is that this music would edify and encourage the body of Christ both within the Church and in everyday personal worship." - Heritage Hill.

We're excited to share the opening track from 'Out Of The Sea', the new record from the Canadian based all female bluegrass and gospel group Heritage Hill of Westside Church. As always leave your comments below!

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Come all you heavy laden
Come all you heavy laden
Come all you heavy laden
His burden is light

In the garden of Gethsemane
He prayed, sweating blood
“Father will You take this cup from me?
If not, Your will be done”

Cat o’ nine tails tore at His flesh
The lamb, torn and bruised
Put a crown of thorns upon His head
“Here comes the King of Jews”

Climbing up the mountain called the skull
For our iniquities
Pardoning a thief hung on the cross
“Today you’ll be with me.”

At His dying breath the whole earth shook
The rocks, split in two
Nailing every sorrow to His death
He paid for me and you