Emilie Weiss - Song Of Ascent

We're in love with this song from Florida singer/songwriter Emilie Weiss taken from her debut EP of the same name. Listing John Mark McMillan, Steffany Gretzinger and Sara Groves as inspiration, Emilie Weiss has beautifully captured the intricacies of authentic, intimate worship across this record, whilst creatively pushing each song in to a place it truly blossoms.

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You would climb the highest mountain
Dig Yourself a shallow grave
You’ll overshadow every counterfeit
To prove that Your love’s not in vain

Still You watched me love another
Forgetting I had once loved You
If I could take back words I said before
I’d prove my heart belongs to You
Oh let me prove my heart to You

Oh I will climb the highest mountain
I’ll dig my vanity a grave
I’ll abandon every counterfeit
That has slowly won my gaze

And I’m afraid to go alone
But You said You’d go with me
Together we will climb this mountain
And my soul will there run free
And my soul will there run free