Danny O'Callaghan - Ninevah

Since it's release in summer of 2016, we've been enjoying 'Son of My Father', the debut EP from Danny O'Callaghan so much that we couldn't help but get in touch to find out more about the record, his views on worship music and what he has planned for the future - Read our interview with him here.

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I lost my way in raging seas
Breaking waves crash over me
To cling to hope seems but a dream
As wilder seas rage within me

I will go, I will go, go to Nineveh
Where You lead, where You lead I'll go
Through the fears and the storms out in front of me
I will dive in the deep my Lord

I've been picked up and thrown into grief
But still Your love's in memory
To cling to hope seems but a dream
On the shores my skin bleached clean

I'm not lost I'll take the ground
I'm found in you