Cortes - Five Loaves (Feat. Dru Bex)

With every single song he puts out, Cortes further proves why he's one of the most exciting artists in the game right now, back to back singles in the same month, there's really no stopping him!

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I've been getting all this star love
They don't know I worked at Starbucks
Making passion tea lemonades
Made the earth in like seven days
Hold up make that six
Young boy in that six
Paid the price and thats it
No ice on that wrist

Oh we gotta check the time
Oh you know I see the signs
Oh this life was never mine
At first i was like never mind

Gotta let His light shine
Greater is He in me than who is in the world
Yeah you got me feeling fine

Spirit got me on fire
Thats that Messiah
Got me preaching to the choir
Jesus take the wheel but He making sure he's checking all of those tires
Yeah I praise when I'm tired

You know I've been bout this life
You know that He satisfies
Five loves but it multiplies

I ain't out here flexing tell bodies look at me
Thats that three in one popping out like 3D
I've been out here advertising like a TV
I've been drinking living water like its Fiji

Never selling out the soul
Let the Spirit take control
Yeah you already know

Aye thats that eternal
Popping at em like its kernels
If it ain't bear fruit He gon' make sure to throw it in the furnace

You know I've been bout this life
You know that He satisfies
Five loves but it multiplies

(Dru Bex)
I keep it lit just like a candle
They try to stop the kid they can't hold him
I whip it around North America ripping the lid off the truth like a can opener
Got the sardines and the five loaves
Lucy want me like Ricky Ricardo
I started off local but in Miami they know that for God I go loco now
They asking me for my photo now
Love the attention but this is a blessing from heaven if God says it's over now
It's not a question its over now

(Dru Bex)
All of these hits that I'm throwing out
Even the ones that I don't let out
But if He says to keep going now
Even if I make a low amount
He can make that overflow in that

(Dru Bex)
All I need now is just a break
Give me something I can ride out with
Breaking bread with the King of Kings feeding five loaves to feed five thousand