Chris Howland - The Martyr (Feat. Antoine Bradford)

Premiered in our As In Heaven... summer mix, this is the brand new collaboration between Chris Howland and Antoine Bradford (F.K.A. ABIV). Tune after tune, Chris Howland keeps delivering good vibes and 'The Martyr' is no different, this is set to be a summer anthem this year for sure, on repeat! Lyrics in description, download and streaming links coming asap, leave your comments below!

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Follow me to the water
Follow me to the sea
We're going down to meet a Martyr
A Man who's blood can make you clean
He bled for your forgiveness
He bled to make you free
So I'm standing as a witness
To the mercy I receive
So follow me to the water
Drink and never thirst again
We're going down to see the Martyr
He's gonna wash away your sin

Gonna wash away your sin (repeat)