CASS - Not For Sale (Prod. by Chris Howland)

CASS is back with a powerful message about not selling out to fame or money, and instead finding her identity firmly in Christ. With production by Chris Howland, this track sees CASS move toward a grittier, hiphop sound, compared to her previous upbeat, electronic hits.

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Verse 1:
Where to first, where to first?
The devil finna try get me where it hurts
Gotta give him water just to kill his thirst
Cause I will not conform, tell him that yeah

They told me “get this paper
Keep money on your radar
Its all about your image
There’s no room for failure”
But I don’t need this paper
Money can come later
I find myself in awe of
Something greater than myself

Oooh x7
I found myself when I found You
Oooh x7
I’m only doing this because of You

Verse 2:
This is, this is real life
Ain’t no flexing, ain’t no spotlight
I came with nothing which they knew
But truth is I have nothing without You