As In Heaven... An Upbeat Joyful Summer Party Mix

We've been blown away by the response to our first mix we featured on the channel, In The Quiet... , and so we're excited to share our second! As In Heaven... is a mix of upbeat, feel-good, party songs perfect for the summer months featuring songs from a range of Christian artists. There's some brand new CASS featured in this mix, and even an unreleased track from Chris Howland, there's also some new artists to the channel as well as some old favourites. We've put our heart and our worship into creating this mix, we hope you guys enjoy it. You'll also be excited to hear that we're working on a follow up mix to In The Quiet that will be similar stuff to before. Enjoy the mix, let us know what you get up to whilst listening to this and let us know what other mixes you'd love to see us do!

Again a big thank you to the artists involved and for all the help in collaborating with us on this mix!

0:00 Citizens & Saints - Father You Are All We Need (Chadwick Gardner Remix)
4:26 ANKA - How Great (Chance)
6:51 Marshall Marshall & Waves Collective - Shadows Fade
10:28 CASS - Don't Look Down (Feat. Blake Young)
13:52 Kaleb Mitchell & HXLY KXSS - End Of The Earth
17:14 Fresh Life Worship - Loved
18:28 Sean C. Johnson - Mountains
22:36 Montell Fish - More Of You
24:40 CASS - Silhouette
28:21 Chris Howland x Montell Fish x Sarah Juers - Holding Me Down
31:06 SPZRKT - Best Of Your Love
33:15 Kevmo - I'm There (Feat. Eris Ford)
Chris Howland Mini Mix:
36:08 Chris Howland - Show Me Mellow Mix/Hype Mix Mashup
38:46 Chris Howland - The Martyr (Feat. Antoine Bradford)
42:30 Chris Howland - All Things
44:04 Hillsong Y&F - Where You Are (Reimagined)
47:45 Isla Vista Worship - So In Love
51:11 Brvndon P - Flight
53:20 Kings Kaleidoscope - I Know (HXLY KXSS Remix)
57:10 Gungor - Free (Feat. William Matthews)