Newday - Alive With Worship (Chris Howland Remix)

Leading up to Newday 2016, a Christian youth festival that takes place in the UK each summer, Chris Howland has remixed their song 'Alive With Worship', transforming the worship tune into this summery, tropical house anthem. Anyone else wanting to remix the song can download the remix stems from Newday's website.

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Lyrics: I’ve come here today to worship again ‘Cause I know that my Father’s here, my Father Has shown me a way, away from the pain Of the sin that I’ve stumbled in

You lift up my eyes, You show me the scars Where Your love paid everything, paid for me To live with my God, no longer apart For You bled, You died for me

My soul is alive with worship I’m singing again ‘cause my heart it overflows With the love and mercy of You my God My soul is alive with wonder I’m welcomed again before You my Father Oh how I love to worship You my God

I’m covered and clean, forgiven and freed By the grace that You stand me in, I’m standing My feet on a rock, my future in God And my soul, You’ve counted free


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