Heritage Hill - Emmanuel

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Lyrics: In the city of David, called Bethlehem The virgin Mary was with child By the spirit given The star told of a baby in a manger laid And all the angels and the shepherds Came to praise His name

Emmanuel God with us Gloria

Round the people in the darkness Shone a holy light Glory, glory hallelujah The coming of the Christ

The government upon his shoulder His name shall be called Mighty, wonderful, counsellor Everlasting God

Emmanuel God with us Gloria

Unto us a child is born Prince of peace The saving One Come ye say Bring him love Jesus Christ the son of God

Emmanuel God with us Gloria

He's the hope for the nation, The broken and lost Born to bear our burdens Taking up that cross

Full of awe and wonder Of the little babe Mercy on the sinner Glory to His name

Emmanuel God with us Gloria


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