Team Callahan - Turn The Cheek

Husband and wife duo, Nick and Kathleen Arnal comprise Team Callahan, who recently self-produced their debut album ‘Afterglow’. Dosed heavily in indie surf rock vibes, their songs tell simple stories taken from life, relationships and everything in between.

“In a nutshell, Turn the Cheek is about trying to be good to those who have wronged or hurt you - even when you have been jilted or misunderstood and are rightfully upset. The song was inspired by real life. Almost every verse captures an element of trying to live out this philosophy. The first two verses deal with being insulted and backstabbed and wanting to insult back, but ultimately choosing to love those prickly people who are so easy to hate. Living out the Eucharist, choosing peace over panic, and staying positive in the present age while we look towards the next world are some of the major themes that frame this song and even the whole album. Those ideas have been on my mind a lot over the past year and sort of collected themselves in this song, forming a patchwork of lessons for the work in progress known as sanctification.” - Team Callahan

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Lyrics: You call me a drama queen You yell it out from your one way street What’s the point of getting all worked up It doesn’t seem like something Jesus does It doesn’t seem like something Jesus did

Turn the cheek forgive the hit Love the one you wanna hate

High school seems so far away All my old friends have gone away But I guess we all live in the same dumb town I brush your wrist in that strange-lit crowd I brush your wrist in this stranger’s crowd

But I won’t talk about you Behind your back, won’t stab it

Blue islands in my head Good thoughts from the books I’ve read This sin-world keeps dragging me down I don’t wanna give up my crown Don’t make me give up my crown

Ashes, beauty, the circle Closes for eternity

Hold fast the Eucharist Lift up your forehead for a holy kiss Seeing light in a pool of dark Where every moment is a perfect spark This moment is a perfect spark

Try and dream of saving Leave my fear of dying That’s what you did

When I’m alone the mirror talks back Go to the mall for that human contact Bathroom tiles and swirling eyes Why are you tempting me with that lie Stop tempting me with your lie

Drop the crumpled apple Walk out of the garden into the world


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