Story - No One In His Grave

Genre: Easter, Worship, Indie

Happy Easter! Christ is risen and there is no one in his grave! Celebrate with this brilliant indie worship anthem from the group 'Story' who are releasing a new track each month this year. Hope you all have a great day worshipping our risen Saviour!

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Lyrics: Behold, I sing about a mystery Of Christ's great love for thee He took our sins up on that wretched tree And died for all, on Calvary

O Sing all ye daughters O sing all ye sons The devil is beaten And our Saviour has won

The cross can't destroy him And the tomb can't contain Jesus died for a moment Now there's no one in His grave

Death has been swallowed up in victory Now sin has no hold on me Now sin has no hold on me!

O Praise be to God who gives us victory All glory, honour, power To Jesus our King


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