Lovelite - Every Breath Is A Chance

Genre: Indie, Pop, Worship, Electronica

Love the cheeky 80s vibe on this tune, it's like Phil Collins meets worship music. These guys make great indie pop/worship music, be sure to check out their other stuff.

Lyrics: You have a sewn in our souls a longing deep inside To remind of a need only You can satisfy I won't waste another day On trivial vices

Every breath is a chance To sing of Your worth Now I finally understand The reason I'm on the earth To receive and reflect the full image of our King We carry on Your name as our deepest of callings I won't waste another day

On trivial vices I give up my whole life to say Nothing else matters Selfish motives haunted choices We cry out with broken voices Precious Jesus our great purpose You're the center of existence

Photography by Fré Sonneveld:

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