OceanSpeak - Jezebel

Genre: Rock, Indie,

Taken from their debut EP 'Sea The Same', this track is a brilliant piece of indie rock music from the band OceanSpeak.

Lyrics: Jealous of the stars And I’m wondering how They keep from falling

And oh There one goes Who would have known That they could fall too

I’m a son I’m a slave I’m a son I’m a slave I’m a son I’m a slave And these captives Should know their place

Oh you You’ve been You’ve been warned ‘Cos loving you Is not okay Okay

Oh and this Is the way That i will say “Okay I’m leaving you baby”

But my feet gotta walk away

Hey Jezebel, I’ve had enough Of all your bickering and love ‘Cos after all I wanna know

Is this the way That i will say goodbye To you?

Mother Have you a son? And this is your family Does that make them proud of me

And Father Have you a gun? And can your weary eyes see the man in me And pull the trigger? Purchase 'Sea The Same EP' from iTunes: United Kingdom: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/sea-the-same-ep/id757527287 United States of America: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/sea-the-same-ep/id757527287

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