Bash -N- The Code - Land Of The Living

[youtube=]Genre: 80s Power Ballad, Pop, Worship

It seems like 80s is all the rage these days, so here's another rare track from the past, this time taken from Bash -N- The Code's self titled debut album (released in 1986). Driven by the husband and wife duo of Greg & Rebecca Sparks, Bash -N- The Code aimed to spread the gospel to youth of the 80s through popular music of the time. Though it may be slightly cheesy (but what 80s pop isn't?) Bash -N- The Code added some originality to the Christian music scene and it was backed by good biblical lyrics. If you like this, I recommend listening to the rest of the album (especially their version of I Exalt Thee - retitled 'We Exalt You').

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