WYLD - Holding On

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I've been fighting this battle
Nearly died from.this dagger
The wounds will not heal on there own
Numb to all feeling
Running from Demons
100 degrees is too cold

The times I've been told
I'm loosing all hope
I don't want to live life anymore
When one door it closes another one opens
The moment my faith is restored

I believe a lie but now I know the truth
Nobody by my side I'm holding on to you

Staring In the mirror
Looking at a stranger
Obsession with my image
My face could use the make up
This mask will will disguise my real identity
My feet are so tired this running from me

Ive been through the storm
All the rain that's been pouring
With thought I was left on my own
My heart has been torn and my mind was at war
Love's a shelter of peace to my soul