Instagram Takeover Guideline

We love finding new ways to connect to our audience, and for you to connect with new and existing fans, and we hope that both yourself and The Good Christian Music Blog will see some exciting things come from an Instagram takeover.



The Good Christian Music Blog stands for two things, music and creativity. These are the passions and interests that we and our audience unite around.

We are fun and confident, but we aren't silly or cringe-worthy.

We are independent, un-bias and love grassroots style creativity, but we value high quality visual content.

We make sure that everything we do is visually beautiful, but we do not show-off and are not exclusive - humility and integrity are key values to us.

We are NEVER political, our brand is about music and we have a very diverse audience - for this reason we do not share opinions or views on national and international news, tragedies, events etc.


Visual Guidelines

All content must be exclusive, ie. no reposts, reusing etc.

We prefer to colour grade our images using VSCO, we suggest maintaining a coherent visual style and grade to all your takeover content but this is not a necessity.

All videos and photos must be square in size, and contain a standard 16:9 crop with a white background*. (See Below)
*The white border must be added after grading/filtering content, otherwise the white border can be changed to off-white depending on the filter.
*No content must cross the white border, this is for our brand images only.

Please do not share direct artwork/videos ie. no album covers / music videos - we instead suggest that you share this content in creative ways such as a photo of the CD, or a phone/laptop with the artwork on. - Be creative, there's loads of ways to share content like covers, music videos without just directly reposting them.

You have full access to our Instagram stories, where these visual guidelines don't apply.